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What is the whitener

The pay per click is a form of online publicity: the advertiser pays a rate depending on the number of times you click on their link. They will do this because those clicks bring in consumers, increase visibility and they help in expanding and prospering their business.

And you, who are a faithful user to that site, who visits it nearly every day, who has put it on favourite links on your home page, don’t you think you are giving a small but fundamental contribution to its prosperity?

Our idea is to ask the websites that we have on MyHop as our favourites and where we often click on, to give us a “pay per click” equal to 3 cents; maximum a click a day to each user. We are sure that they will not want to disappoint their dedicated users by letting this chance go by.

Ohh...and yes I had to explain what the whitener is. is used only in exceptional cases: if the whitener notices that a website (one of those big ones, we don’t like to take it out on the little ones) is amongst your favourites on lots of homepages and it recieves loads of clicks but does not recognize any “pay per click” to its dedicated users, then it will change the icon into Black and white. The icon will continue to be amongst your favourites but being in black and white it will remind the dedicated user that the owner of that site is a bit like Uncle Scrooge rather than Steve Jobs.

Don’t you think just that would do?