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Any doubts on how MyHop works? We hope these answers can be useful.

  • Is MyHop free?
    Of course! And it will be forever 😁. Actually you may even gain something from it.
  • What does MyHop mean?
    That’s easy. My home page
  • Can I choose any favourites I want?
    Anyones you like, at your choice. Within the limits of the page obviously.
  • Why do the symbols of some links not appear?
    Depends on the site; sometimes the icon is not present and sometimes the site blocks you from getting it.
  • If I upload photos or insert notes, will anybody see them?
    Absolutely not. MyHop is not a social network. Your page is only for your eyes.
  • Can I create more than one MyHop account?
    -Yes. You can have more than one account as long as they are registered with different email accounts. However, should there be part of a turnover to be shared out for each account there needs to be a correspondencing individual; in the case of several accounts to the same person the turnover will not be summed for the number of accounts.
  • Will my personal information be used for publicity scopes?
    No. None of your personal information will be handed over to third parties. We may however use your email to send important news or updates on the site.
  • Will my profile, my favourites or my choices in surfing the internet be traced?
    Again, no. Respect for privacy is top on our list of priorities. The only data which will be analyzed is for example the number of times you access a link for each region but no profile will be created for users. Even if this means that at the beginning some business might slip through our hands we definitely believe that on the long run it will pay. MyHop will guest only companys that are fair and ethical.Very ethical.