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About us

I am Antonio Frustaci and I am the person that has created this site.
I live in Rome and I work as an IT consultant.

We are internet users, aware that every one of our clicks is contributing to the growth and the earnings of this or the other website. We will allow them to use a lot more than a simple “pop in”: our personal information, our choices, our preferences will all be transformed into earnings. Sometimes high earnings. What we want with {app} is to give these websites the possibility of recognizing us as their users and demonstrate their appreciation by sponsoring our Home Page. We will not be chosing one anymore amongst the various - we will have our own. We will decide who can be on our home page or not, and by doing so we are exerting a small influence on the web. We will find a way to distinguish between the websites that show recognition and those that ignore us. But we will talk about this later...

What is MyHop

It is simply your new home page which is completely personalized, a neat desk top which is always the same every time you access internet, with all your favourite links and your notes. Only for your eyes.

The idea came to mind on hearing this comment: “Why don’t the most successful websites making a lot of money, share their revenue in some sort of way with their users?”

It’s a simple idea: if we team up, we could ask our favourite websites if every time we click on their link which we have on our homepage we could sponsor them…..and have other ads on the page.

The revenue would then be shared out amongst the users of the website who have requested so. At least 70% of the turnover.

Just a last note on our privacy policy: with MyHop nobody will be “spying” on what your movements on internet to then send endless publicity emails nor will you get popups or ads all focused on your search objectives.

At the moment we do not know if MyHop will become big enough to reach its objective, so let’s just start by using it, set it as your homepage instead of the current one and try it out! The rest will simply roll out.