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MyHop your personalized homepage.

MyHop is simply like a very neat desktop that you find everytime you access internet, with all your favourite links and your notes.

Only you can see it.

The idea came to mind after hearing a comment:

“The successful websites, which make millions and millions of profit should in some way show their appreciation to their users”.

And it’s a simple idea:

If we become a large community we could ask the websites which are our favourites and which we surf through our links on our homepage, to sponsor every click they recieve. We could also decide to have other ads on our page. You and only you will decide who deserves to be on your homepage.

The income will be shared amongst MyHop users:

This means at least 70% of the income. We estimate that 30% will be more than enough for our work in running the show.

Try it out! if we become numerousour voice will be heard.

At the moment we don’t know if MyHop will be able to become big enough to reach its objective, so let’s just start by using it, setting ita s our homepage instead of the current one and see if it comes in handy. The rest will come on its own.

And don’t worry about privacy issues:

On MyHop nobody will be able to spy on what you are doing to then send emails with advertisements , popups or ads focused on your research. That’s exactly what we want to avoid. The information you give us and that is only your email address, will not be given to anyone.

Give MyHop a’s easy!

Click here on the side and subscribe now, you only need to give your name and your email address. It’s free (and it will stay that way) and you might even gain something from it!